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Psychotherapy and Psychiatric Services

We offer a wide variety of evidence-based approaches so that we can provide you the most effective treatments available today for your particular needs. Broadly speaking, these services include psychotherapy, psychopharmacology and a combination of both.

Psychotherapies (diverse methods)

Since excellent therapy requires an individualized approach, our therapist are selected for their diverse skills and comprehensive training in a variety of modalities. We offer evidence-based and cutting-edge treatments, ranging from traditional and newer psychotherapies to mindfulness meditation.

Psychopharmacology (medication)

Psychopharmacology, aka pharmacological therapy or medication management, is the practice of using medication to help with emotional or behavioral problems, such as anxiety, depression or attention deficit. It’s the latest in brain-science translated to the real world. 

Who We Treat

We work with children, adolescent and adults. Some of our clients have struggled for days, weeks or months and while others have been suffering for years or decades. No matter how acute or longstanding your issues, we will meet you wherever you are with confidence that we can help you to work towards what you value most.